Revised 11/11/18
This side wears DARK SHIRTS           This side wears WHITE SHIRTS - NO GREY
 Tuesday, 11/13/18 (Game 2)
   6:15pm  Field Fairies                     vs United SC
   7:05pm  The Kennels                       vs Pure Kaos
   7:55pm  Beef Jerky                        vs Grenade Free Zone  
 Wednesday, 11/14/18
   6:15pm  What's Our Name                   vs Anything Goes
 Thursday, 11/15/18
   6:15pm  Shin Digs                         vs The Savage Patch
   7:05pm  Ice Hot Mess                      vs Samba Oelek
   7:55pm  FUN                               vs Miller Time
Tuesday, 11/20/18 (Game 3) 6:15pm Shin Digs vs Field Fairies 7:05pm The Kennels vs Anything Goes 7:55pm Beef Jerky vs Ice Hot Mess Wednesday, 11/21/18 6:15pm The Savage Patch vs Pure Kaos 7:05pm What's Our Name vs United SC Thursday, 11/22/18 CLOSED THANKSGIVING
Remainder of season will be posted online 11/24/18