10 & Under Schedule

 TEAM 1. Cobras - Carrie Boyes
 TEAM 2. Speeding Fireballs - Mercedez Ricciardi
 TEAM 3. Big Foots - Travis Apple
 TEAM 4. Sharks - Jay Adamson
 TEAM 5. Trail Blazers - Ashley Totoonchie
 TEAM 6. Pixies & The Pirate - Jo Samba
NO JEANS OR JEAN SHORTS. Must wear Covered Shin Guards This side wears DARK Shirts This side wears WHITE Shirts
Tuesday, 11/13/18 (Game 1/10) 4:00pm Cobras vs Speeding Fireballs 4:45pm Big Foots vs Sharks 5:30pm Trail Blazers vs Pixies & The Pirate Tuesday, 11/20/18 (Game 2/10) 4:00pm Cobras vs Pixies & The Pirate 4:45pm Big Foots vs Trail Blazers 5:30pm Speeding Fireballs vs Sharks
Remainder of schedule will be posted online 11/24
NO Spectators on sidelines by ref & players. Maximum two team officals on sides Keep it POSITIVE on the field or on the sidelines. Offer your support and encouragement.